Installing MyODBC 3.51 on Windows 7 x64

odbcIn order to get some of our 32 bit applications working on Windows 7 64 bit edition, we need to provide support for the MySQL 3.51 ODBC connector. This also works with the newer versions of MyODBC (5.x).

This is actually quite simple to do, as long as you know what to look for. The ODBC manager that you are able to access from within Windows is not going to work for you, but it turns out that Microsoft provide a 32 bit manager that will.

To use this manager, run the following command:


Please note that it is not good enough to just type odbcad32.exe, as there is another file in the path with the same file name (great work MS!). However, once you have opened this application up, it works in the exact same way as if you were running XP.

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