Powerline Network Adaptors

l_21436595I’m still researching in to this but thought I would start a post on it. This is really a warning to anyone using “Powerline” network adapters in your home or office. These are those clever little boxes that allow you to plug a network cable in to your power socket – and use your internal wiring as network cabling.

I have had issues with our home network for a while – and did a lot of debugging over the weekend. Turns out that I had full access to my neighbours network and they had access to mine. All their devices were showing up in the logs of previously attached equipment (“Barbera’s iPad” was the one that really gave it away).

Since it uses wires – they didn’t need any Wifi codes – they were just accessing our network via their own Wireless (probably without ever having any idea that it was happening). I guess our mains electricity supplies are somehow not distinct enough for the units to operate independently.

This is a HUGE security issue and will be doing what I can to come up with a solution.

There are ways of encrypting this traffic, so I am going to look in to that and post back here with a solution, should I find one!