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Oxfordshire County Council Expenditure

I went over to the DigitalOxford opening event last night at Oxford’s Modern Art Museum, and happened to speak to mysociety.org, the Oxford-based company behind some great websites like theyworkforyou.com and writetothem.com. It reminded me of a website I wrote in 2011 where I took some data that the Oxfordshire County Council were publishing and made it in to a much more usable Read more about Oxfordshire County Council Expenditure[…]

How to fix your Windows computer when you have Malware

This guide is far from comprehensive, but is usually enough to get your computer working again. If the infection is particularly serious, I would recommend rebuilding your system from scratch – as you never really know what information has been damaged, taken, destroyed etc. I would suggest you need just 3 apps to clean everything Read more about How to fix your Windows computer when you have Malware[…]